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How To Prune Blog Posts?

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  • [Blog] How To Prune Blog Posts?

    Is there not an option to prune blog posts?

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    No, I believe your best option is inline moderation.


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      try comment system on vB5 ,, thanks

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    We need a way to prune blog entries. We have hundreds of spam blog entries and Im having to manually delete them one by one in the admin (a multi-step process). I can't use in-line modication because of the notorious Fatal error: is_member_of_blog(): $bloginfo['permissions'] not defined. in [path]/includes/blog_functions_shared.php on line 275 error. Since the page is fatal error, inline mod is impossible.


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      I have hte same issue. Spammer got in and created 5000 blog posts. I need to delete them. Would be nice to have a way to prune blogs like you prune threads.

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        I copied the following from a quick-tip I submitted that hasn't been accepted/declined yet. Until pruning features are added to the blog (not sure if they will be), you can use this query or similar to remove blog-posts from the database.

        What criteria would you like to prune by? Maybe I can work up a query that you can just copy and paste instead of playing around with what's below.

        I used the following SQL query to remove all blog-posts by a spammer who had registered while I was asleep and created 380 blog-posts.

        As always, back-up your database before running this.

        DELETE FROM `yourdatabasename`.`yourprefix_blog` WHERE `yourprefix_blog`.`username` = 'nameofuser'
        You should run this in phpMyAdmin, through the MySQL CLI, or your choice of UI for managing MySQL.

        Make sure to replace "yourdatabasename" with the name of your database, and "yourprefix" with your configured table-prefix, if any.

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          Wow, what an awful interface this whole software has. Anyway, I have thousands of spam blogs I need to prune. Can you please tell me how to delete all blogs EXCEPT the ones made by admin?


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