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Facebook Like Button showing the wrong picture

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  • [CMS] Facebook Like Button showing the wrong picture

    Hey everyone! I have a fast question here. I understand that the Facebook API uses OpenGraph. I an running VB4.1.8 and I have set the Image URL to the correct location, however when you click like the Facebook API pulls whatever image it finds first (which is incorrect). I have also tried putting the following in AdminCP -> Style Manager -> Style Variable Editor and adding the following <meta property="og:image" content="MyURLToMyImage.jpg" /> to the Facebook_header as well as the Facebook_include and it still shows the wrong image when someones likes the site.

    In addition to this if I use the facebook debuggers tools I can see that the correct image is being pulled and displayed. This seems to be a bug with VBulletin and I would love to have someone from support help assist with this issue. There seem to be many posts with no help from anyone.

    Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong and or what is wrong here?
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    I figured it out and it is a problem with the way VBulletin writes the meta properties in the template. If you copy them from the Open Graph API debugger it will work.
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      could you tell me exactly how you got this working? I'm having issues where it grabs random images and I'd like to have it use images within the thread.


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