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403 Forbidden error on new posts?

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  • 403 Forbidden error on new posts?

    I recently updated my forums from 4.2 to Version 4.2.2

    The upgrade went all smooth without any issues or error.

    After few weeks our users started to notice a bug with our forums.


    When some users try posting a new thread in some sections of the forums they get a 403 Forbidden error.
    This happens to 50% of users and at different section of forums. It randomly appears. Like for me the Administrator of the forum it seems to be working fine but, for normal users - they always seem to face this issue.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Many thanks!

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    What kind of user get that problem? Have you created a new normal user to test? We need more infomation. Could you provide your forum link?
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      403 forbidden is a server issue, check your permissions


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        Originally posted by donald1234 View Post
        403 forbidden is a server issue, check your permissions
        My newpost.php permissions and other files/folders permissions are definitely correct.


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          Still waiting for answers...

          forum/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=205 ---> Sometimes gives 403 error (90% of the times)

          newthread.php --> has 644 file permission


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            Do you have suhosin or mod_security on your site? Is there anything in the error_logs (if you don't know where they are, ask your host) when this happens?

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              After installing a new fresh VB4.2.2 and importing my "old" phpbb3 and started the "General update tools" I also got 403 not permitted problems. I searched like crazy all evening and tested all found and suggested fixes nothing semed to help. Till I disabled mod-evasive with "a2dismod mod-evasive" and restarted apache this solved for me the problem. This might help someone.


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