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attachment uploader problem

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  • attachment uploader problem

    The following errors occurred:

    Skjermbilde 2014-01-09 kl. 16.09.50.png: Image resize failed due to your image library not having support for this image type.

    I get this message when I test the uploader. Any one who knows what this is?
    Sometimes it works, but fex 1 of 10 uploads.

    The error message comes up, but the attachment is uploaded. But as you can se, the preview doesnt work.
    The pictures shows inline in the posts, just as I put them, but in the editor its shown as [ATTACH]xxx[/ATTACH] but it shows in the posted post.

    THe few times the uploader takes the picture as it should, it also shows in the editor.

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    Possible to get any answers?


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      What do you have set for AdminCP > Settings > Options > Image Settings > Image Processing Library?

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        GD, but I tried ImageMagick also, same failure then


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