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Intermittent attachment issue

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  • Intermittent attachment issue

    For a week or so now, my site has been experiencing an intermittent attachment issue.

    Often, and I'd guess about 2 in 3 attempts an attachment, which are typically images, do not upload to the site. I have experienced it myself...

    - You attempt to upload an image attachment and it all appears to go fine.
    - Instead of displaying the image in-line within the thread, users will see the text Attachment 12345 which is a hyperlink
    - Clicking on the link will result in the user being told that the attachment can not be found
    - Looking behind the scenes, this is correct - the attachment file is not stored and the associated record in the database for that ID does not exist. My attachment table now has lots of 'gaps' where these records should be.
    - If the user tries the same thing again - same attachment from the same PC, browser and vB session, the upload may work fine despite the fact that they've changed nothing at all.

    Anything obvious I should be looking at?

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    What version of vB, and also php, are you running?

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      Originally posted by Mark.B View Post
      What version of vB, and also php, are you running?
      vB - 4.2.0 PL3, PHP 5.3 (on Rackspace Cloud Sites)


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        Any idea with this one which persists?

        It seems that posting a picture insertion never works when you initially make a new post but, when you go back and edit that post, and attempt to insert the very same picture it works at this second time of asking.


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