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Facebook Don't show title or a description when sharing a link

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  • Facebook Don't show title or a description when sharing a link


    I tried to use the Debug tool Facebook created and found that there is a problem in the link Facebook trying to fetch the details from,

    Please check the following image, why showthread appears twice ??

    Thanks in advanced

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    Have you enabled the Facebook Platform in your Settings -> Options -> Facebook Options in Admin CP? You need to provide an App ID and Secret to enable the platform.


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      Do I have to enable it to share links correctly on FB ? I doubt, please confirm,

      Thank you!!!


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        No, you shouldn;t, however, is that page public?


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          No you shouldn't have to enable the platform but I have seen enabling the platform correct this issue in the past, but sometimes it doesn't.

          Your other option is a manual edit of the SHOWTHREAD template which isn't officially supported but I have provided such instructions here before- please read this thread for a fix - last time it was due to a 3rd party mod but there is a template edit you can make to clear it anyway-

          PS the plugin causing the problem was Limited Guest View, remember Facebook connects as a guest, if you restrict guest viewing you restrict Facebook.


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            Hi Joe,

            But does FB spiders allow cookies ? I prevent access by cookies, Googlebots are able to spiders without any issues ?

            Even I disabled the plugin, still read the wrong url i posted above,

            Should I enable FB plateform ?


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              Seems the prob;em solved by this fix :

              But can you tell me what this line of code did ?


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                That line of code manually tells Facebook the URL of the page it is reading/scanning so it always uses the URL you specify- for whatever reason Facebook isn't able to see the right URL on your site.

                I know you disabled the mod to test but Facebook Caches pages for days. After disabling the mod you'd have to test off a page that hasn't been shared on Facebook in over a week to truly test if it made any difference.


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                  That make sense Thank you so much , Joe, I'm speechless


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