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Moving Servers, can no longer log in to Admincp

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  • donald1234
    Could be due to your datastore needing cleared, have a look here.

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  • Webbstre
    started a topic Moving Servers, can no longer log in to Admincp

    Moving Servers, can no longer log in to Admincp

    Hey all. I've done some searches on this, but unfortunately no one else who has had this problem had an answer that helped me. I'm moving from a dedicated server to a Cloud VPS, using WHM/cPanel for the first time, and finally finished setting up everything from PHP to XCache... but now I can no longer log in to admincp. Whenever I try it says
    The file(s) uploaded were too large to process.
    I've tried disabling all hooks, but nothing changed. I'm using vBulletin 4.2.0, but don't think I can upgrade until this problem is resolved.

    In similar posts people posted their php info, so here is mine, in case it helps point out a setting that's off:

    EDIT: I raised a few values in my php info, so that problem is now gone, and I can move on to new errors. These are the new values:
    max_execution_time 1200 1200
    max_input_time 2400 2400
    memory_limit 512M 512M
    post_max_size 256 256
    upload_max_filesize 128M 128M
    All of these values are double what they were when the error was occurring.

    Edit 2: The "new errors" were apparently caused by an incorrect php configuration from one of the times I recompiled hoping to fix this. Once I reverted to a different configuration the problem came back, despite the changed php.ini values listed above.

    Final Edit: The problem has been discovered: I left the M off on post_max_size so it was calculating in bytes. The above value SHOULD have been 256M.
    Last edited by Webbstre; Sun 22 Dec '13, 3:20pm.

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