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Keyword and description meta tags in forum threads

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  • [Forum] Keyword and description meta tags in forum threads

    I have noticed vbulletin are inserting very spammy looking keyword and descriptions in my meta tags for forum threads where they virtually put most of the post there including links. How do I stop this?

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    vBulletin 4 auto generates meta keywords from the first post of a thread and the description is the first couple sentences of a thread. I'm not sure how this is "spammy" it is doing its best to represent what the thread is about.

    There is no supported way of changing these tags- it would require custom coding to make any changes.

    If you're seeing something other than keywords and a short description then you may be using some 3rd party mod affecting the meta tags.


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      I only have a thanks/like and [you] mod so nothing that would touch these meta tags. They were definitely spammy especially the keywords with a ridiculous amount of keywords, some with multiple links. The keywords have now been removed permanently.
      I am in the process of removing the CMS and cleaning up the forum to make it more search engine friendly.


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        Ok I have been distracted with other things to do with fixing my website and I just wanted to add an example with the description tags. In my forum I have a recipe section, I decided just now to look at the source for one of my recipes.

        In the description tag I have the first 3 sentences containing 57 words. Then I have the url to the recipe photo, the recipe title and then the first 2 ingredients!

        This is ridiculous! Surely there's a way to fix this?


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          Short of having to manually enter a unique description for each thread taking the first X characters seems like a good solution. Any changes would require custom coding which we do not support.


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            For those interested in the spammy meta tags for forum threads, we finally found where to change the description variable in the showthread.php - it was originally set at 500 characters!


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              as accomplished, I edit the file and change the value 500 worth 5, but still adds a lot of useless words


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