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Disallow hyperlink only around images? It's being exploited..

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  • [Forum] Disallow hyperlink only around images? It's being exploited..


    some people are posting images of actual apparent vbulletin content (like attachments) and making a link around it to an external site.

    This for example fools the user into thinking he's downloading an allowed extension file (like .txt) from someone's attachment, but when he clicks on the image it actually downloads and exe, etc.

    Very many people get easily fooled by this, thinking they are downloading what looks like a safe attachment while it is just an image linking to an .exe. While ppl are cautious when clicking on textual hyperlinks, it does not extend to images which look like actual vbulletin content.

    Of course you could solve this by either disabling hyperlinks or images altogether. A more reasonable fix however would be to disable hyperlinks on images alone.

    Can anyone tell me how I can achieve this? I've looked but couldn't find this.

    Thank you.

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    There is no way to do this. Issue infractions and moderate your content is all you can do without custom coding.
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      Thanks for letting me know.


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