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​vBulletin Incompatibilities with Browser Updates, IE Especially

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  • ​vBulletin Incompatibilities with Browser Updates, IE Especially

    Axiomatic Colleagues of Mine:

    I’ve been here for three years now — since I became a vBulletin customer. I have noticed more often than I’d have liked issues related to incompatibilities. I called them vBulletin Incompatibilities with Browser Updates, PHP Updates, and Others. Me thinks such problems should NOT occur with such frequency.

    I happened to install a browser update not long ago. I even posted in this very forum:

    Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7: Good News for vB

    Other administrators posted on the IE11 vB-compatibility issues in my thread, or different threads. I also wrote a special article in my own forum. It was kind of contradictory.

    First, I recommend Internet Explorer 11 on the grounds that is clearly faster than any other browser. Of course, IE11 also has looks superior to any other browser (no exquisite artistic qualities needed!)

    On the other hand, I complained about general issues of compatibility caused by IE11. Internet Explorer has caused to me and many other Netizens the largest amount of compatibility issues. Every IE upgrade brought almost automatically all kinds of incompatibilities with a wide range of websites and Web applications. Google Chrome is in version 31 now. Mozilla Firefox is now in version 25. With that many upgrades, Chrome or Firefox should have caused a flood of incompatibility problems! NOT! I’ve experienced significantly fewer issues with Chrome or Firefox compared to Internet Explorer! I mean fewer by an order of magnitude or two!

    Internet Explorer, Microsoft indeed, is not to take the blame entirely. Incompatibility is caused, equally perhaps, by developers and Web publishers. It might be that said developers are overzealous. They unnecessarily check a browser’s version. If browser is not version N+1, the script shouldn’t work (as an example). Case in point: Facebook Connect works in IE9, doesn’t work in IE10, works again in IE11! I am referring to the vBulletin forum software version 4+. Also, IE11 works better with the CKEditor in vBulletin 4, but not in vB5!

    Maybe vBulletin Team is overzealous with PHP version-checking, the post editor version-checking, etc. It is a common business practice to keep customers hooked. Many companies employ such a tactic. Incompatibilities caused by third-party products “force” the customers to update or upgrade early and often. That’s what customer-hooking is all about.

    Maybe vBulletin doesn’t apply the hook-your-customers business practice. Maybe they do it unconsciously. In any event, methinx vB is overzealous as far as version-checking is concerned. That’s what creates unnecessarily incompatibilities and frequent updates.

    Look, in my case, I published my website starting 1997. I have never had issues with Internet Explorer, or any browser, for that matter. My webpages have scripts and they never suffered a problem in any browser, including IE. My webpages or scripts on my webpages never ask the browser for its version!

    Matter of fact, Internet Explorer is the only browser that abides by most WWC recommendations (standards is an oxymoron!) One major test is running Activex controls – recognized by WWC in the OBJECT tag. I created Activex controls that have always run correctly in Internet Explorer only. No other browser has such high-level capability.

    I thought up until this week that Chrome was the browser of choice because it caused the fewest incompatibility issues. Unfortunately, I discovered a graver issue. Google Chrome has censorship functions that only Dracgoogla knows about. I’ve had an incredible experience. I edited one webpage of my site. I opened it in Chrome first. To my dismay, a paragraph was deleted by Google Chrome (with negative words regarding Google search algorithms)!

    I opened the same page in Internet Explorer and Firefox. My webpage showed exactly as I wrote it, in both Internet Explorer and Firefox! You can see proofs in the screenshots I published in my forum:

    Blatant Censorship in Google Chrome.

    That’s disturbing! The browser decides what to show and what NOT to show to a surfer. The browser might even decide to rewrite a webpag, a few paragraphs or the entire page! In 2005, in complicity with the Communist régime of China, Google hid/changed webpages considered non grata to the Communist Party! There was a big scandal in the United States. Google cancelled the Chinese censorship policy a couple of years later and apologized in front of the U.S. Congress.

    O tempora! O mores!

    Ion Saliu
    VeeBeer Forum Administrator At-Large
    “A good man is an axiomatic man; an axiomatic man is a happy man. Be axiomatic!”
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