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    Originally posted by HighDefSeeds View Post
    heres one for ya... is there an easy way to exlude RSS feeds from the activity stream?
    Not a built in option. However if your RSS feeds all go into a special RSS Only forum then there is a mod to exclude specific forums from the activity stream -

    As always we do not provide any support for 3rd party mods, if you have questions with the mod you can ask in the thread on


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      Originally posted by HighDefSeeds View Post
      got another question for ya...

      on the old forum software 4.1.8 we used to have scalable reputation... we culd set points etc etc...

      on 4.2.2 we cant seem to figure it out... any ideas? is it even possible? or is that feature removed in 4.2.2? thank you as always... really enjoying vbulletin now... thank you VB!!!
      User adjustable reputation was never an option in VB 4.x, so if you could choose how much rep to give that was definitely a modification, perhaps this one- same rules as above apply here as well -


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        thanks for the answer on that one.
        I have just downloaded the vb 4.2.3 package... I assume we upload the entire "upload" directory to it's appropriate location... is that all or are there other things to consider? I just dont want to take my board down when I upgrade. I noticed previous upgrades were pretty simple. As a precaution I am backing up my server first of course. Thanks for the advice

        btw... currently have 4.22 installed
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