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Stylevars do not change anything

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  • [CMS] Stylevars do not change anything

    Hello there,

    I upgraded my site yesterday into the newest edition of suite and I have some problems, unfortunately.
    In the previous edition (4.0.5) I have changed some settings in the stylevar editor, which are not showing right now. Also, I am trying to re-edit some of them with no positive result. What is happening??

    I don't know if it is important but the only template file that is not merged successfully is the shell_blank.

    Thanks in advance for your time!

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    Which stylevars specifically?
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      For example, I want to change urgently the [B]vbcms_article_preview_image_maxSize.
      Right now, I figured out that in that edition this is not working maybe and I managed to change the thumbnail preview image in articles through the common: image_thumbnail_MAX. Am I correct?

      Also, I am trying to find the right stylevar to change the image size of the blogs' widget. Any idea?


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