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  • Powered by vBulletin™ Version x.x.x Removal


    before I state my question, I know that removing the trademark as long as I've not purchased the debranding pack is against your TOS, but how about getting rid of the current version tag for obvious security reasons. I don't want to go into details here and giving anybody hints, but I think that developers will know, what I'm referring to.

    I'm absolutely cool with having the: "Powered by vBulletin™" down there with link to your official web-site, nothing against it, but I think, an option inside the administration allowing admins to turn off the vBulletin version tag is a must-be option. Of course, the version, once shut down, would be then displayed inside the administration, so that the admin knows, what version his forum is running, in case, he forgot, but displaying this to public seems a bit.., I don't know, risky say at least?

    Thanks for looking into this,

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    Yes you can remove the version number from anywhere on the site, but if someone goes and views the code they will still be able to find out
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      You can also put in a different version to confuse the hacker but as mentioned any decent hacker can find your version by looking at your source code.


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        Of course, I mean, there's 1000 & 1 ways to cause harm to the web-site, but the more difficult it gets, the better. I'm mostly concerned about some kids, who view a set-by-step tutorial on YouTube and then try to exploit some silly weakness.

        Any idea, how to get rid of the version in the footer then? I'm asking this, because all I found there was this:

        <!-- Do not remove this copyright notice -->
        {vb:rawphrase powered_by_vbulletin}
        <!-- Do not remove this copyright notice -->
        So, any suggestions, please?



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          You need to edit the powered_by_vbulletin phrase.

          In Admin CP go to Languages & Phrases -> Search In Phrases

          Search for: powered_by_vbulletin
          Select to search in phrase variable names only

          You'll find the phrase in the results.

          Edit the phrase, provide an English (or whatever language you are using) translation.

          Remove the "Version {1}" part. What I personally use is:

          Powered by vBulletin&reg; Version 4.x <br />Copyright &copy; {2} vBulletin Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.


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