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what is the difference and use of the MySql backup and full Directory Backup ??

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  • [Forum] what is the difference and use of the MySql backup and full Directory Backup ??

    I'm searching an for an answer to this topic can anyone tell me

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    MySQL backup = your database
    Full Directory Backup = your files
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      when shall i use the Full Backup?? give me an example please


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        The full directory backup isn't all that important if you have a standard forum and don't have many extras of mods installed. If anything ever happened to your forum you can re-upload the files anyway they will be in the install package you download from vBulletin.

        If however you have a lot of custom pages or extras not part of standard vBulletin you will want to make occasional full directory backups to restore all these files- but the most practical use would probably be if you ever decided to switch web hosts, you would download a full copy of all your files and upload them to the new host. The database needs to be transferred separately.


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          thank you so much, i appreciate it

          but another question please , does the images of articles, avatars, signatures part of the mysql or the full ??
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            i think i asked too much he he he

            can anyone answers my last question?


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              No you didn't. If your images are in the database then the DB backup will have them. If your images are in the filesystem then you need the full back up.


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