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Avatar Issue After Upgrading to 4.1.7

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  • [Forum] Avatar Issue After Upgrading to 4.1.7

    I recently upgraded my site to 4.1.7 and there is an issue a few member are telling me about with the avatars. I can't see the issue, but here is what they are telling me..

    "When I make a post, THEN my avatar is the normal size. Everyone else on the threads are small. But, when I move on to the next thread, they all all tiny again."

    "AFTER you make a post, your avatar resizes to the normal size.. But ONLY the posters. Then, after you go to another page, they are ALL small again."

    As I said, I can't see the issue so I don't know exactly what the issue is. My url is

    Here is a link to the thread discussing the issue...

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      Yes this is a known bug-

      You can work around it by going to Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Language and Style settings

      There are two options for Mobile Styles- you either need to set these to the vbulletin mobile style (if you want to use it) or set it to a copy of your default style- either way will prevent the bug from showing the small avatar on quick reply.


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        I had to set the mobile style to none to fix the problem with the toolbar for smiles, and font treatment not showing up when people were replying to threads. I can't find the thread here that I read about doing that on.


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          Yes- so what you can do now is download a copy of your default style.

          The upload it as a new style with a new name- say Default 2 for example.

          Now set those mobile options to Default 2 - should solve both issues.


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            Ok, so my style is one I just made with the style generator in the Admin CP. How do I go about downloading it to where I can upload it as another style? Sorry if that is a rookie question, this is my first time using VB.


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              Thanks for the help, but the fix I did to get the smilies and text editor toolbar to work actually fixed this issue too. I just didn't know it fixed it b/c I wasn't having either issue...


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                Has this been fixed in 4.1.8? On one site running 4.1.7 + patches a couple of members just reported this problem.



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                  Yes, fixed in 4.1.8:


                  widgetinstance 262 (Related Topics) skipped due to lack of content & hide_module_if_empty option.