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Delete album images of deleted users

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  • [Forum] Delete album images of deleted users

    How to delete albums images of deleted users?
    Images are in file system on server, not in database.
    What SQL querry to execute to delete from database every single album pictures (and also albums themselves), and to delete those images from server files?

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      Users albums should be deleted when the user is deleted. How did you delete the users?

      The album deletion apparently isn't immediate- it happens when a cleanup task runs (hourly) - more info:


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        I delete users in ACP (Delete user option).
        All images in albums of deleted users are still on server.
        This question is repeated several times here, still without answer...

        BirdOPrey5, try on your forum, register test user, create album, upload several pictures into album, then delete user and look into server files and you will see that images are still there.


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          Once you delete the member account you break the association between the user and the albums. Once you do that you're pretty much stuck with them.
          Next time change the user password and log in as them. Delete the albums and log out. Log in as admin and delete the account. Because the way VB is set up you have an extra step or two you have to do BEFORE you clear out an account.


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            That is true, but that is only solution to fix vBulletin bug, not to fix problem.
            No, I do not have time and will to think and act to log in to user account I have to delete, and delete all albums with images of that users. I delete users via ACP in regular intervals (60 days without login), and that is mass delete function. So log in into 1000 users accounts is pain in the ass soulution, only because original vBulletin devolpers did not have to do it themselves, so because of that, it is not exist in original vBulletin options.

            There is some SQL querry to execute to delete from database every single album pictures from deleted users because we have all informations we need:

            user ID of deleted users
            name of folders with images on server are infact user ID

            Sorry for my not so good english language.


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              Me too!!! Please Solution for this BUG!


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                Can someone post an actual real answer/solution for how I can delete orphaned albums from deleted users please!

                What database tables could I delete? The board is on VB3.7x Some real help please...


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