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Restoring hacked vbulletin

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  • Restoring hacked vbulletin

    Hello, Its been quite a while that my forum got hacked, I thought I have cleaned everything and things are working fine but its not so. People are constantly complaining about redirects. I am now following this ( guide to clean the forum and have query. Kindly look at the screenshot and let me know If the problem lies in it or not.

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    picture not too clear.
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      First you need to follow our advisory about deleting the install folder off your forums.

      Then please read the following two blog posts:

      Also please see these recent security announcements:

      vBulletin 4.1.x-4.2.x & All versions of vBulletin 5:
      vBulletin 5.0.x patch released, for a different security issue:

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        That image doesn't provide enough information. That screen on phpMyadmin does not show enough information. You need to edit each row and view all the content manually.
        Translations provided by Google.

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          I have been able to fix some of the problems following the guides mentioned above but there is one thing which i am still unable to fix. The hacker is again and again changing email and hence password for the admin user of my forum. I have plugins disabled right now but he is still able to change it. Can someone point me out the particular thing in the cleanup which I am missing?

          PS: I have followed almost all the things mentioned in the guide.


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            Any other software installed on the server?

            vB5 is unequivocally the best forum software, but not yet...


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              Wordpress, but it is working fine, the attack happened to vbulletin only because I had /install/ folder in the server at that time.


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                Please help me...


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                  Without more information it's difficult to suggest very much.

                  I'd suggest raising a support ticket so we can have a look:

                  Please include a link to this topic.
                  Also please include (in the Sensitive Data field) the following:
                  AdminCP login
                  FTP login
                  phpMyAdmin login
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