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Disabling vBSEO prevents CSS from loading.

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  • Disabling vBSEO prevents CSS from loading.

    I'm currently trying to remove vBSEO on one site, and go back to the default vB 4 install. However, as soon as I disabled vBSEO forum pages started loading incorrectly:

    also have a dev version of the site set up to test things - they're both running the same version of vB (4.2.1), but disabling vBSEO with on the development site simply causes blank pages for all threads and forums.

    Has anyone experienced anything similar, or have any ideas on how to fix it? I would like to go back to the default vB install, but somehow this is happening.

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    Remember to remove the vbseo .htaccess file.


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      All rewrites were removed fine. It also shouldn't make any difference.


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        Originally posted by Will Watts View Post
        All rewrites were removed fine. It also shouldn't make any difference.
        Vbseo rewrites are differnt to vbulletin ones and as such need to be removed and replaced with the vbulletin one only if your using mod rewrite. or removed altogether if you are not.


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          They were already removed, but they can be left in place without anything breaking. It certainly shouldn't cause anything like this


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            What type of Friendly URLs are you using when you turn of vbseo? Also, is the CSS stored in the filesystem or database? Have you tried toggling that to see if it fixes the issue?

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              I've tried all Friendly URLs. Ideally I'd like to keep a similar URL structure to vBSEO, but mod rewrite friendly URLs just results in page not found errors.

              CSS is stored in the filesystem. Toggling made no difference, but I'll test it again on the dev site.


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