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Enabling Facebook Platform Forces Facebook Registration

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  • Enabling Facebook Platform Forces Facebook Registration

    Hi there! I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. I first tried enabling Facebook registration over a year ago, and got my app all set up back then, but turned it off because I had no way to protect against spammers registering through Facebook. I installed Spam-o-matic and signed up for Akismet and everything recently, so I decided it was time to try to enable Facebook registration again, since it is supposed to be safe now.

    Unfortunately, I've run into a problem. If I enable Facebook Registration in my vbulletin settings, whether or not I also select Auto-Register on the same page, all users who try to register are now forced to sign in to Facebook first, before they can register. Actually, I'm not even sure if it was letting them register after that, because I don't have a second facebook account to test it with. When I was doing my own tests sometimes just clicking on the Register button on the top of the page would take you to the Facebook Log-in page, and sometimes I could get to my vbulletin registration page when when I finished filling out the form it would again take me to the Facebook login page

    I tried disabling Spam-o-matic, since that is the only modification I have that touches registration, but nothing changed. For now I've turned Facebook Registration back off, but I would like to turn it on again if we can get this fixed. Has anyone come across this before? I'd like to allow users to register the old fashioned way, or through Facebook, or register normally and then connect their account to Facebook. I don't want to restrict my userbase to only people with Facebook accounts.

    If it helps, I'm using the most recent version and patch of vbulletin CMS 4.1.7 (including the Patch Level 2).

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    When you say "all users who try to register are now forced to sign in to Facebook first, before they can register.", is this only relating to those hitting the Connect button or those completing the Registration form?

    If the former, then this is correct. If the latter, then there is something screwing with the registration system. Can you disable the plugin system by adding the following to the config.php file immediately below the <?php:

    define('DISABLE_HOOKS', true);

    Does this resolve the problem?
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      It was the latter, but disabling all plugins did indeed fix it. At least, I think it did, I just tried to reproduce the original problem and found I couldn't. I'm going to do some more testing on my test domain and see if I can hunt down the culprit. Thanks Trevor.


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        We are currently experiencing the same issue, so if you figure out which plugin it is, I'd think you were awesome if you shared!


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