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How to Debug Forum Runner

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  • How to Debug Forum Runner

    I wanted to try out Forum Runner. I turned it on in Products, and it appears to be live:
    Forum Runner 4.2.2 Adds push notification for your users using Forum Runner on the iPhone/iPod/iPad. Also takes care of notifying users that your forum supports Forum Runner if they are viewing from a supported device.
    I looked at the Plug-In manager, and everything looks good there too.

    However whenever I try to activate it from here I get:
    We're sorry. Forum Runner does not appear to be active on this forum. If you are running vBulletin 4.1.12 or later, please log into your AdminCP and make sure that the integrated Forum Runner product is activated. If you are running an earlier version of vBulletin 4, you will need to upgrade to 4.1.12 or later, or you will need to download and install the Forum Runner plugin from
    I've also tried to verify at the Forum Runner site and it tells me nothing.

    So is there someway to verify why Forum Runner might not be working? Or is there something I'm missing?

    Site is; running vB4.2.2.

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    We experimented a lot with forum runner. The push service never worked ok.

    Tapatalk works flawlessly on our forum so we deleted Forum Runner completely.


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      The answer seems to be: dig through any firewalling or spam-blocking you might have.

      A package called ZBBlock apparently doesn't like the user agent that Forum Runner uses, reporting
      Why blocked: You are running a severely outdated version of Firefox which matches a hackbot or spambot profile. Please update before you return (UA-0170.2).


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