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Got hacked - hwo to change db password + what else to do

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  • Got hacked - hwo to change db password + what else to do

    My forum got hacked [it wa at 4.2.0 now i upgraded it to 4.2.1
    I removed all bad files and updatedd the forum yet im affraid the hackers:
    1. have my database passwords and user of database password
    2. have my admin password

    1. so how can i change passwords of databases without hurting my vbull install
    2. how to change password of admin
    3. what else to do to stop such happenings [any plugisn to protect vbull form sql injects?]
    fear me!

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    The only thing you need to worry about when it comes to changing the database password is to make sure you plug in the new password to includes/config.php. If you don't do this, your forum will stop functioning as it will be trying to access the database with the old password (and spit access denied errors). Changing the password on your admin account is the same as any regular user.

    If you can (and know how to do so), use a .htaccess file to protect the ACP to only approved IP addresses (though this could be problematic if any of your admins are on dynamic IPs).

    As for protecting your forum from future hackings, for one, if your /install directory is still on the server, get rid of it (I've been seeing a lot of posts related to this issue). If you are using addons from, if a security issue is reported to them, they'll send out an email to all emails who have the addon marked as installed (maybe even as downloaded, but I don't know about that) about it, so ensure your email address is up to date there.


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