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Allow specific usergroup to edit own first post

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  • Allow specific usergroup to edit own first post

    Running VB 4.2.1
    I went through lots of posts, mainly suggesting to go in usergroup permission and set to yes "can edit own posts", but it's not working.
    Tried also forum permission and same thing...set to custom...yes..but still users of that usergroup (named vip) cannot edit their first post, they can only if I add them as moderator. I saw also but this is for all members..
    Any idea on how to globally change for a specific usergroup to edit own first post ?

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    There is no setting that allows users to edit the first post, over other posts by default. There is a time limit on editing posts though. Users either can, or cannot edit posts, and then there is the time limit on how long a post can be edited.


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      There is a modification on (which we do NOT support) that will allow users to edit their first post indefinitely, but it is not a per usergroup option, so you would need to modify the modification to make it how you want.

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        I' ll see if I can use that. Thanks


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