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i think i just found a bug.

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  • [Forum] i think i just found a bug.

    Kaliningrad (GMT +3:00)

    and your site show Kaliningrad (GMT +2:00)

    Vladivostok (GMT +11:00)

    and your site show Vladivostok (GMT +10:00)
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    You have to post that here: in JIRA and get enough votes and maybe it will be fixed in the middle of 2012.
    My statements are based on the forums not the CMS as I do not and will not use it.
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    In an honest opinion I feel I paid for vB 5.0 beta 7


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      Are you sure you DST settings are set correctly?


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        As Zachery said, those times would be valid if you have Daylight Savings Time. GMT doesn't change with Daylight Savings Time.
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          all the rest are fine except that two, that's mean my Daylight Savings Time s s s set correctly.