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Search function on 4.2.1 not finding many words

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  • [Forum] Search function on 4.2.1 not finding many words

    For example the word "quiescent" just does not yield any results although it is clearly contained within several threads. I have rebuilt search index and emptied the search index. Is there any reason why the search will not bring back results for words like quiescent but will return results for quintessential?

    Any advice much appreciated and much needed

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    I made a series of tests. I wanted to find out why the word "quiescent" wasn't returning any results.
    I broke the word down. I made a post with the word "quie" and the search found it. I then added one more letter from the word "quiescent" (for example "quies" then "quiesc" etc) until the very last letter "t" and it worked every single time.... until i posted the last letter. The search found every part of the word "quiescent" aside from the full word.
    I made a post and removed the first letter "q" and posted "uiescent" and the search found it. But it refuses to find the whole word.

    I have no words blocked in my settings. This isn't just for one word, it happens to many


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      Could there be an 8 character limit on the search? Easy to check with other words.

      Edit: sorry, just noticed you said the Search found 'quintessential'


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        Oatsy could have it right, if theres a char limit set for search, as u can find 8 letters of it, just not 9.

        Also, mysql's conf file could also have a char limit set it in, my.cnf will also need to be checked.
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          HI there... it can't be character limit. I think we made it 20 characters so it can't be that. It will find other 9 letter words without a problem


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            Is there any vBulletin staff member who can offer help? This is crippling the use of our forum and we are at a loss why the search is so goofy. Now all of a sudden it is picking up quiescent but now a whole host of other words don't yield results. What on earth is going on here? Is it something to do with our host?


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              You would need to increase MySQL's fulltext indexing options as well. Then you would need to restart MySQL and rebuild the full-text indexes within MySQL.
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                Thank you Wayne. I have spoken to the host and as we are on a shared server, they cannot edit MySQL, is there any other advice? We have no problem finding long words so I'm not sure what is is. Our search is pretty crippled. A lot of the time we can't find basic words. 6 hours later and suddenly the same words show up!
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                  Edited last post, still need help. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this


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                    Running into more problems... different users searching for the same word: one gets results the other doesn't. According to our host it's definitely something wrong with the way vBulletin is communicating with the database. The host checked our database and everything on the server side and reported no issues.

                    What do we do? Submit a support ticket? We've been supporting vBulletin for 10 years. It would be nice to have some help


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