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  • Forum Runner Error

    Not sure if there is a Forum Runner forum. Didn't see one. Please move if there is one. Thanks.

    While I was in my ACP today I noticed a message saying that I needed to active my Forum Runner. So I logged into the members area and filled everything out. It now says it's activated BUT I keep getting this error;

    We're sorry. Forum Runner does not appear to be active on this forum. If you are running vBulletin 4.1.12 or later, please log into your AdminCP and make sure that the integrated Forum Runner product is activated.

    I looked all around but didn't see anything in the ACP except under Options. Can someone tell me where I'm screwing up?

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    Plugins & Products -> Product Manager.

    Is Forum Runner Enabled?
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      Yes, everywhere I could find to do this it has been activated/enabled.


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