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Moving forum from root of webspace to a subfolder

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  • Moving forum from root of webspace to a subfolder


    When I originally installed vBulletin, I installed it to the root of my webspace. I've now decided to use the webspace for multiple seperate sites and so want to put each site in its own folder.

    I've searched this forum looking for advice on how to go about it, and found a few threads confirming that I would need to update a couple of settings relating to the folder path of my vBulletin installation.

    However, my website is hosted by 1&1. In the 1&1 domain config options, I have changed the destination of the domain from the root to the new subfolder and I have moved all the vBulletin files to the new subfolder. Without changing any settings in AdminCP, my forum still seems to work ok.

    My question is, as I have changed the destination of the forum from the 1&1 domain config side of things, do I still need to make the changes in AdminCP? I'm a little concerned that although everything seems to work ok at the minute, something might come back to bite me later on!


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    If the URL changed, your need to check AdminCP -> Settings -> Options -> Site Name / URL / Contact Details -> Forum URL
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      No, the URL has stayed the same because of the 1&1 domain destination config change I made. That change basically changed the root of the website from the root of the webspace to the root of the subfolder I moved vBulletin into (if that makes sense). As I say, the site seems to work, but just wanted to ask on here as the relocation just seemed a bit too easy which worries me! :-)


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