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Moving forward with Facebook integration. Is there any other information anywhere?

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  • Trevor Hannant
    Just to clarify, we're talking about Facebook Connect, not the built in Facebook Application such as this:

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  • Ace
    1) Does the Connect button do anything at all when you click it on your CMS? If not, do you have any other FB Social Plugins running on the CMS? They can interfere with Connect.

    2) Not sure.

    3) By default, they won't automatically Like your app or page when using the app. You could hide the app behind a Static page that tells people "Like us to get our free app" but that could cut down on the number who will use it.

    4) The canvas URL needs to be defined as per the instruction PDF, but you can find instructions for adding it to a page as a tab here -

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  • EvilArcana
    I noticed this was moved out of the facebook forum. Figured I'd bump it. Anyone?

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  • Moving forward with Facebook integration. Is there any other information anywhere?

    I've got my Facebook app created, I've enabled the facebook connect functions in my admin cp. Everything seems to be ok except for a few things, and some questions I have.

    1) The CMS home page doesn't seem to recognize a connected user. I still see the connect button...but when I click on the forum, the connect button is replaced by my facebook profile user profile pic.
    2) I've disabled auto registration. I'm not sure how this will affect my spam prevention process. I am using the vbStopForumSpam registration mod, and it works well, will facebook auto registratiosn bypass that?
    3) I've added the facebook app to my facebook fan/like page as an app, but connected users are not "liking" that page automatically...I can't really tell. Is there more information on integrating the facebook connected app into facebook pages?
    4) Are there any guidelines or tutorials on fleshing out the app with more of the facebook functionality? What would I use for a canvas URL, or a Page Tab URL? Are there any other app functions I can use and information on how?

    Thanks for this! I'm looking forward to getting integrated.

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