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    Hey Everyone,

    I upgraded my forum to latest version of vb4 about a month ago. Since then i am having this issue where some usernames are showing up as " ????????" Same thing is happening with thread titles and contents of the threads are also showing up as " ???????????????????????????" It's not with every user or thread, but this is the case with a lot of users n threads.

    I am attaching 3 screenshots, which will show username as ????? , threads tiltle as ??????? and thread contents as ???????? also.

    If anyone can help me and tell me why this happened and how can i fix it ???

    Thanks in advance.

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    Isn't that related to encoding?

    What language are you using there?


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      I have no idea, i am not really aware of all this that why it's happening. I asked my hosting and they said "vb has some character set" that's why it's happening. So i am lost from both ends. I named this thread something else but it came as "thread contents" which won't even get any attention for the responses lol. I didn't even put title as thread contents and it came up. lol


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        Did you change the collations in your database or did you manually change anything in yout database? Did you already disable all modifications and plugins, using the default vBulletin style and see if the issue persists?
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          Hi Hartmut,

          I didn't make any changes in database from my end. However few days back i was getting a lot of database errors and when i contacted my hosting they suggested and upgrade my php version from 5.2 to 5.3. However i have already requested them to move me back to php version 5.2 to see if that would help, but still the same issue.

          One more thing i did was when i upgrade to latest vb version i deleted all modifications n literally started it from scratch and even then i had the same issue. I disabled all the mods to see now to see if that would help, but still the same issue.

          Only thing i am not sure if i have to do anything from admincp after my host moved me back to 5.2 version, such as thread rebuild or something if there is any option as such.

          I didn't change any collations in database.


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            In your Admin CP -> Languages & Phrases -> Language Manager, edit your language (click the Edit link)

            Under HTML Character Set- copy/write down whatever it is set to now so you can change back if need be

            Now change the Charset setting to: UTF-8


            Reload the pages, see if you still get the ????? if you do then change back to whatever you had originally.

            If the ?????? are gone make some test posts, make sure everything works OK, you should be OK to stay on UTF-8..


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              Hi Joe,

              HTML Chatacter Set is already at UTF-8. So i don't know what else can i try in there, but it's already set to UTF-8 and have this issue.


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                What language was/is your forum in?


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                  Hi Joe,

                  Language of forum is English characters, however there are few threads in other languages, but it's not because of that i believe. I do see those threads fine. I had threads with English thread titles or contents and now they are just showing as ??????????? Just an example would be title used to be " Congratulation for reaching 5000 posts" (as an example) and now its showing as " ????????? ??? ???????? 5000 ?????" I mean some of them were with straight english titles and threads.

                  I have utf8-general-ci as charset & collation in my database which i was told by my hosting. If that helps in anyway ?


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                    Help will be appreciated... !!!!!


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                      Just spent 45 mins with my hosting doing a lot of search. So what we/they came up with is that all the usernames, thread titles & thread contents are stored in the database properly. They are still visible in the database and however they are not being pulled on the site properly.

                      So my hosting said something is wrong with the coding or the script of the vbulletin software. I am just not sure at this point what's causing all this, if everything is stored properly in the database.

                      Any suggestions ???


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                        What we can try is: In your AdminCP -> Languages & Phrases -> Language Manager edit your language by clicking the Edit Languages link. Under HTML Character Set copy what has been written there (UTF-8?) and change it to ISO-8859-1. Then Klick an Save. Then browse your forum. If that didn't help, get back to the HTML Character Set from before.
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                          That didn't help. I changed it to ISO-8859-1 but still the same issue..!!

                          As my hosting said that all the data is being showed perfectly in the database however it's not being pulled on site. Is it possible i am missing any file or anything ??? Should i try to rebuild languages ? Would that even going to be helpful in any way ????


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                            And this only effects your posts, messages, etc? The original vBulletin phrases are showing fine?
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                              Hmmm This only affected few "usernames", "thread titles" & "thread contents" Everything else is fine.


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