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Mobile Style Auto Detect/Load not working?

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  • Mobile Style Auto Detect/Load not working?

    Installed 4.21 board - brand new at

    Auto redirect from mobile devices doesn't seem to be working even thought it is set in the control panel to redirect mobile browsers to the proper style.

    Tested on brand new, out of the box Windows Phone 8 device that had never been to the site before. Loaded the normal page.

    Any thoughts on what might be preventing things from working?

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    Don't believe windows mobile phones were properly detected, the mobile style is a few years old, and windows phone was still in its base infancy.

    though I pulled it up on my wp7 and it redirected to the mobile style. Double checking with others.

    But, after checking on a friends WP8 device, which is set to identify as a mobile device, the site is bringing up the mobile.


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      Thanks... Did you try my site listed above in doing your test? Appreciate you checking btw. I've got wp7 devices too and will check.


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        Tested on your site, specifically.


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          Odd - I have now tested on a Lumia 920 (wp8), Lumia 620 (wp8), Lumia 521 (wp8) and a Lumia 900 (wp7.8). Only the Lumia 900 on wp7 redirected properly.

          Is it possible the user agent for the other phones is not up to date? Where specifically in the code is that listed?

          Which WP8 device does your friend have.

          BTW, have tried on my Google Nexus phone and it redirected properly. Haven't checked my iPhone yet but will shortly - so at least for me, it's wp8 that's the issue.

          Thanks for helping me track this down Zachery!


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            My friend is on a HTC 8x, and I tested on a RADAR4G (7.5).

            Do the other devices have IE set to identify as regular IE, instead of mobile?


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              Nope - out of the box, identify as mobile - even switched to IE and switched back to see - cleared history etc. When my son gets home tonite, I will test with his 8x and report back on how that goes (yes, I have a ton of phones around this place...)


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                I could use a new WP8 device if you have a spare

                Only other thing I can think of is that there is a cookie or that you're logged into an account already. If the cookie is set, we use the cookie style, which if it was identified as the non mobile style, it'd do that.

                what are your mobile style settings, set to currently? AdminCP > Settings > Options > Style & Language settings


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                  8x auto detected correctly. So, its the Nokia Lumia series... Wondering if the user agent sent is slightly different... Enough for it not to work?


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                    Btw, you can get a Lumia 521 this weekend on HSN for $99.


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