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Show Article in child section as well as parent section?

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  • Show Article in child section as well as parent section?

    OK, I've spent the past week on-n-off trying to get my head around how the sections work and how to place Article's in a user friendly way. Now I'm not thick, I've been working with VB and web design since windows 95 and work as a Cisco Data design Eng but DAM I dont know if its lack of decent info or just that this system is a pain in the ass!

    All I want to do is "create a Section and child Section" and have Articles that are posted in the "Child Section", also show up in the "Parent section"!
    As you can see on the link bellow all of the videos show up in the main Section, then you can drill down to the child Section and see them there also.

    It's the same as the example configuration that is installed when you upgrade or do a clean install.
    Like this;

    Now I understand the Grids, Widgets and layouts fine so just need to sort this posting Articles and then try and find a way of showing my Admins
    Here is a map of some of my site and how I want to display the Articles;

    (-) This is a Child Section
    (#) This is a category under the Section

    - Club News
    # Newsletter
    - Hot Gossip
    # Paddle Industry
    # Products

    Trips & Events
    - WCC Trips
    # Meeting Points
    # Dates
    - Holidays
    # 2011
    # France

    So looking at above I would like to create an Article in "WCC Trips" under Category (Meeting Points) and also have it show in "Trips and Events"
    Am I looking at this in the correct way, or am I getting this totally wrong?


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    Here's a screen cap of the link above;


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      Edit your parent section on the front-end (hover over the title and click on the pencil icon). Make sure that the value for 'Content From' is set to 'Include Sub-sections'.
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        Originally posted by Wayne Luke
        Edit your parent section on the front-end (hover over the title and click on the pencil icon). Make sure that the value for 'Content From' is set to 'Include Sub-sections'.
        DAM, cant believe that's all it was


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          I would like to have a page with multiple sections in "blocks" on it. So I can have one up top and several below. And when you write articles for each section they stay in the assigned block of that page. That way you can see multiple sections at once that dont get bumped down off the page. Does that make since?

          By default if you have a section like the "front page" and you enable sub categories for it, when you write new articles for the subcategory it shows above the main category. I want to be able to control the info shown, and how its displayed. I am use to working with cms's and I will make a custom template and say ok Im going to display at the top of this page "x" amount of posts from "a,b,c" category. And below that I want "y" amount of posts to show from "d,e,f" categories. You follow what I'm explaining? I hope I'm clear enough. I have an example of one of my other sites if I'm allowed to show you please let me know and I can post a link.

          Thanks, Clayton
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            If I am understanding your request right, it sounds like you should just use multiple section widgets on a single page.


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              does that mean you will see the title and thumbnails and few lines of article in each section?


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                Depends on how you do it. For widgets, you can assign them each their own template. Stock form, they are each given a default template. If the stock template doesn't work for you, you can create a copy of it, modify as needed, and then have the widget use your new custom template. Hope that helps.


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                  Is their any documentation on this? Perhaps any vbulletin sites that do this as well? I am very interested, but I'm very new to vbulletin. I have been able to find most of my answers through the forums and google so far. But this one thing is very important!

                  Thank you for your help!


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                    Clayton, you can try selecting "Display order: one from each section" in the parent section. Then it will display one article from each child section.

                    if that does not work for you, create a new widget and make it display articles from your desired section(s). Add it where you want.

                    Now notice that the widget config has a "template" field. If you go to style manager -> edit templates, you will find a template with this name.

                    If you need to customize your widget view, you can create a new template (style manager -> add new template). copy paste the previous template's code, save it with a new name. Then put this name in the widget config.

                    Now you can modify this template to change look and feel of your widget.


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                      Ok, I got 5 sections articles setup on my page now! Thanks for the help with that. One thing is I have the "front page" section to be 1x2 column setup. But the widgets I created for the 4 other article sections are just all one under another. Where would I go to put 2 side by side? I am trying to figure all this out. The Vbulletin CMS has a lot of customization options! Sometimes just need help finding how to do some of its capabilities.


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                        Not really sure what you are trying to do. A visual representation would help.

                        You can select 1x2 layout from cms page > EDIT

                        you can modify the layout/move around widgets from admincp > cms > layout

                        Create a new grid and assign it to a layout. Sometimes for advanced grid customizations you need to flatten the grid and manually edit codes.


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                          here is a screen shot. the layout is a 1 x 2 as you can see but then when it gets to the widgets I have created, one for ad placement in the center of the page, two for the other 4 sections. And they are to be side by side. Although now that I am thinking I dont know how Im going to have an ad stay full width of the column since I'm trying to have the widgets abide by the 1x2 layout... hmmm but here you go

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen shot 2011-11-02 at 7.33.43 AM.jpg
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                            Widgets don't follow the column rule (in section edit). You will need to have separate columns in the grid for them. I don't think it is possible without flattening the grid.


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                              what exactly is flattening the grid, any documentation on that? Im also having issues with controlling the top post in the 1 x 2 setup for this section to have its image like the one in this article vbulletin has. It doesnt address it in there. I want to have my image like the Exotic Sushi article below. I tried digging through templates. What do I need to do?


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