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Error rebuilding attachment thumbnails

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  • [Forum] Error rebuilding attachment thumbnails

    I've recently upgraded my forum from vB 3.8.x to vB 4.2.1 and have an issue about new uploaded attachment images not showing proper thumbnails. They simply show "question mark" images instead. When trying to rebuild attachment thumbnails, I get this error multiple times:

    Processing: Attachment : 1 (jpg) Error

    Attachments are stored in the file systems. The attachment directory and its sub-directories have 777 permission. At the moment, the owner and group of the attachment folder is the same as the rest of the other vB files in the hosting account. (I've also tried changing the owner and group to "apache:apache", but this didn't help.) Would anyone have any ideas what else I might have missed, please?

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    Is there anything showing in the logs for the site in question when you attempt a NEW upload?

    When you rebuild, you said that you only get it a few times, did you verify that the images that dont process are there?

    You may want to check the logs when rebuilding also.
    Gentoo Geek


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      Many thanks for your advice, Snakes.
      It turned to be the version of PHP.
      I was getting ready to migrate to vB 5 Connect, so I upgraded PHP to 5.4 .

      After vB support informed me that "vBulletin 5.0.3 is not yet compatible with non-Latin based languages like Thai.
      We hope this compatibility will be added in vBulletin 5.0.4.
      We would suggest you remain on vBulletin 4.x until a compatible version is released."
      I then downgraded to PHP 5.3 and the attachment function is working again.
      Well, at least, for Chrome and FireFox.
      IE 10 still shows a black cross where attached image should have been.
      But I guess this is a different issue.

      If anyone knows about IE 10 not showing attached images properly and how to rectify this, please kindly let me know.


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        Yes, ive posted about the IE 10 issue & a fix, its not supported by Vb though, so your on your own, you will need to update the ckeditor. Someone from Vb is goign to reply, its not a simple file upload fix, that is correct, but the fix isnt a simple upload either. It is fixable though.

        If IB would get on the ball instead of worrying about another bad release of Vb 5, it would of been fixed months ago.
        Gentoo Geek


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