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URL Differences and Redirects

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  • Zachery
    There is a difference between and as far as a browser is concerened. Make sure all of your traffic goes to and your issue will be fixed.

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  • italynstylion
    started a topic URL Differences and Redirects

    URL Differences and Redirects

    I'm having trouble in a few different areas and I feel it's all related...

    When I go to my forum via the URL I reach the forum index (good). Then I log in and check "remember me" and I get an invalid redirect message. However, if I click the "forum" tab to hit the index it refreshes and I'm logged in. However, after I click the forum tab I notice the URL now shows as If I close the browser and RE-OPEN the URL (as typed) I again reach the forum index but it doesn't remember me and I must log in again.

    So from what I gather, not having the http//:www. in front of the string is causing my problems. I would like to figure out how my users can type my forum name without the full qualification at the beginning and still get to the correct page and have it remember them. I'd also like to resolve the "Invalid Redirect" issue. I'm thinking that all of these things are likely fixed by the same thing.

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