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  • URL Differences and Redirects

    I'm having trouble in a few different areas and I feel it's all related...

    When I go to my forum via the URL I reach the forum index (good). Then I log in and check "remember me" and I get an invalid redirect message. However, if I click the "forum" tab to hit the index it refreshes and I'm logged in. However, after I click the forum tab I notice the URL now shows as If I close the browser and RE-OPEN the URL (as typed) I again reach the forum index but it doesn't remember me and I must log in again.

    So from what I gather, not having the http//:www. in front of the string is causing my problems. I would like to figure out how my users can type my forum name without the full qualification at the beginning and still get to the correct page and have it remember them. I'd also like to resolve the "Invalid Redirect" issue. I'm thinking that all of these things are likely fixed by the same thing.

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    There is a difference between and as far as a browser is concerened. Make sure all of your traffic goes to and your issue will be fixed.


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      You can paste your alternate url into the Redirect Domain Whitelist box under the Site Name / URL / Contact Details options.

      If your site uses the URL, place into that box, click save, then delete your cookies from your browser, restart it, then log back in.

      Gentoo Geek


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        I think that fixed the redirect issue! Thanks guys.

        So that first part is fixed. I'm still not staying logged in though. The log in takes my credentials and redirects me to instead of the
        When I get to the page that it's redirected me to I am NOT logged in (even though I was redirected there after logging in). But if I click the forum tab it gets me to the correct http:// domain address and I'm logged in....puzzles me


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          Still having the same problem. Not sure why it doesn't remember the user even if they click "remember me".


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            Bad cookies from the mixed domains will continue to cause problems going forward. To make sure everyone is on new cookies, in the config.php file change the cookie prefix from bb to vb. Everyone will be logged out once.


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              Can you explain that process a little more in depth? I'm not familiar with it and would rather not screw it up.


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                Originally posted by italynstylion View Post
                Can you explain that process a little more in depth? I'm not familiar with it and would rather not screw it up.
                The config.php file is located in your /includes/ folder. It needed to be edited when vBulletin was first installed.

                One of the lines it it specifies a "Cookie Prefix" the default prefix is bb and yours is likely default.

                Download a copy of your config.php file, edit it in a good text editor like Notepad2 or Notepad++ (not the built in Windows notepad) and find and change the the cookie prrefix. You can change it to anything you want but it should be short and be letters and numbers only. So changing it from bb to vb is fine.

                At this point I suggest you rename your old config.php file to configOLD.php and then upload the edited copy in its place. Just in case something goes wrong you have a copy of the original file.

                NOTE- it is ESSENTIAL the old copy of config.php keeps the .php file extension. If you name it config.php.old then anyone can view it in a web browser and see all your private settings in plain text. As long as it has a .php extension however it will be blank if anyone tried to view it directly.

                The act of resetting the prefix basically means every user will have to download fresh cookies. It is easier than asking every user to clear their cookies manually.


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                  No dice....still does the same thing.

                  Log in, throws you back to the forum index where you are NOT logged in...then if you click the forum tab or the banner you get taken to a SLIGHTLY different URL and you ARE logged in. This is driving me insane!


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                    You're still not redirecting traffic to the correct url.


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                      ^That is my thought as well. Can you please look at my settings below and let me know what I'm doing wrong? (I censored any sensitive info so it should be clean)


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                        How do I direct traffic to the correct URL? What changes do I need to make?


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                          You need to edit your .htaccess file and direct either www.* or * to the URL you want to use.

                          See this page here:
                          Translations provided by Google.

                          Wayne Luke
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                            Where is the .htaccess file located? I'm struggling to find it in any of the directories.


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                              Still can't find this .htaccess file. What directory is it supposed to be in? Is this something I need to create from scratch?


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