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  • josiah
    You can add or remove a category in forum manager, either enable or disable "act as forum" in posting options.

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  • ketanco2
    started a topic [Forum] main category on forum

    main category on forum

    hello i am starting to use vbulletin 4 on my forum site and by defaultthere is a main category and under that there is a main forum. i may not need to group my forums under categories.

    1-how can i get rid of main category?

    2-if i later change my mind and decide to group my forums under categories later, is it possible?

    3-if i decide not to get rid of main category but add another category, how can i do that?

    4-will changing my mind later about the categories, forum names, forum parents or hiearchy cause problems in permanent url links or seo later? how about merging two forums later? will that affect permalinks and seo?
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