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Forum width issues on forumhome area

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  • [Forum] Forum width issues on forumhome area

    Hello. I am trying to customize my installation on and deleted the stats column from the category listing, as you can see. I moved the 2 code bits under the 'description'.
    The problem is that now I have a gap in the right, which the 'forumdata' area should fill. Or at least the layout should 'cover' this gap. I have noticed 2 possible classes: forumdata and datacontainer, but, if I change the width from 88% for instance to something bigger it will go directly over the RSS icon column.

    I have searched in my codes for anything related to 'forumstats' (the column I removed) and it doesn't appear in the templates and still it keeps that white space there.

    The changes I've made were done in the forumhome_forumbit_level1_nopost, forumhome_forumbit_level1_post etc.

    Is there any other place I need to go to remove that? What change in the CSS should I make so that the forumtitle plus the description area would widen enough to push the last posts and the RSS column to the right?

    Thank you in advance for any hint. I've tried to customize the theme as much as I could, but my knowledge is still limited. Was able to do this pretty often in the vb3 series, but I'm not that accustomed to this one yet.
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    Increase the width value for the following class:

    .forumbit_post .foruminfo
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      That did the trick. Thank you Trevor for your fast response. I modified from 57% to 77% and it looks 'dandy' now.
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