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Hook to provide a Membership Number on Paid Subscription page

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  • Hook to provide a Membership Number on Paid Subscription page

    Our paid up members need a membership number associated with their subscription. Is it possible to add this to the payments.php page beneath the Date From: Date To: that is displayed next to the subscription? E.g. what hook can I use in a plugin to display it?

    Secondly, how do i generate a membership number unique to the user? Is there an existing column or table in the database that could be used?

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    Uhh, I don't really understand what you're asking for, each user has a unique id (two or three) their username, their email, and their userid (system number).


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      We use a three or four digit membership number currently maintained in excel. I want vBulletin to generate this and display it on the paid subscriptions page next to the date the subscription runs from/ to. If there is already a column (like userid) that could be used as a membership number, how do i display this on the paid subscriptions page? E.g. what hook do I configure in the plugin and what code do I put in?


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        If you mean you want it displayed in the Admin CP Paid Subscriptions list of users, there are no hooks there- you'd need to manually edit the PHP file. In either case help with custom coding can be found at


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          No, I need this on payments.php so the user can see their number! Is there a guide to the coding/ hooks etc?


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            OK, after some guesswork I have a plugin that displays the userid on the subscriptions

            In the event someonelse needs to achieve something similar here's a quick guide:

            Modify the template to include a hook to insert your text:
            Template subscription.activebit
            <li class="blockrow floatcontainer">
             <dl class="stats">
              <dt>{vb:rawphrase start_date}</dt>
               <dd>{vb:raw joindate}</dd>
              <dt>{vb:rawphrase expiry_date}</dt>
               <dd>{vb:raw enddate}</dd>
              {vb:raw template_hook.subscription_activebit}
             <p class="description">{vb:raw subscription.title}</p>
            Add New Plugin
            Product: vBulletin
            Hook: paidsub_list_activebit
            Title: Membership Number
            Exec. order: 5
            PHP Code:
            $template_hook['subscription_activebit'] .= '<dt>Number</dt><dd>' .$vbulletin->userinfo['userid']. '</dd>';


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              hi.. i'm tried to show on header paid subscribe users expire day... or days left...
              how can i show this?

              i couldnt show..
              i added to {vb:raw subscribedbits} but nothing changed...
              how can i activate this code...
              or is there another way how can i show?


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