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Format of centre area?

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  • [CMS] Format of centre area?

    On site

    How can I get the article area's to look the same as the side windows? (IE White background with red around them)

    I can barely read the text in the articles because its just laying the text over the background of the site for some reason. The CMS seems to be the only place on the site doing this, as the forums etc show all the posts etc with proper formatting.


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    Its on a per-article setup, but the stylevar is vbcms_article_background. Not sure its going to give you the output you are wanting, though. You may have to add some custom CSS to the additional.css template. It appears to be the DIV class "yui-u yui-panel", so look at doing something with that in the additional CSS for suit your needs.


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      Thanks for this... I have been able to get it looking somewhat good enough... Fits the purpose!


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        Nice, however the black widget header text is hard to read over the red. Might want to change it to white for better contrast. And if you want to get rid of those annoying little icons pop this in your additional.css.
        .cms_widget_header h3 img {
        display: none;


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          Thanks, the little icons are gone


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            Sorry, maybe I am blind, but I dont see anywhere in the styles on how to change the font color of the titles of all the widget boxes from the standard black, to white...

            And I i need code for it, what would be the code and what file should I insert it..

            Thank you very much for your time and help.. I greatly appreciate it.


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