I recently migrated my server to a new host, and in the end it all worked out. The site was working, but it was not using a proper style (images were missing etc.). I was running a custom skin, so I removed all of those. After that, I made everyone switch to the default skin and that's when the problems started.

Right now the entire site will result in a blank page ( http://www.letsplayforum.net/ ). The admin CP is still working fine. What I did so far;

- upload all the files again to make sure they were uploaded as ASCII/binary
- repaired/optimized the database
- used tools.php to check everything
- used the maintenance tools in the admin cp to check things out; everything is fine
- disabled all plug-ins in config.php
- created a new default style and made that the default style
- rebuild styles

edit: ran upgrade.php and it fixed stuff.

edit 2: fixed it somewhat. Still won't show images.