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Thumnails or embedded pictures in posts not showing up

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  • Vishalsachar
    Hi Trevor,

    Do you have any suggestions? We don't have a public forum and I can't post a link that's why I showed a screen capture. This happens on several browsers on any page where there are a lot of thumbnails. Any suggestions?

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  • Trevor Hannant
    Photos don't help us see the problem really - a link to have a look at your site and see the problem for ourselves and what's happening would be more beneficial

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  • Thumnails or embedded pictures in posts not showing up

    A number of users have reported an issue which I am also having.

    Our board uses a lot of embedded pictures in posts - most often they are uploaded as attachments. Several days ago, without any change on our side, the thumbnails do not show up correctly. If you click on the missing thumbnail then it opens the picture in full just fine, but users have to click it which is not suitable.

    This has been tested with Chrome, Firefox and Chrome mobile all of which don't work. Other users report the same issue on other browsers.

    We updated to 4.2.1 today but this hasn't solved the problem. We have also disabled all plugins globally via config.php and also rebuilt all attachment thumbnails via AdminCP.

    Is there any help or advice on this matter? I have included a photo so you can see.

    Many thanks

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