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Datastore: data still stored in datastore table, although config.php is set to xcache

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  • Zachery
    The system doesn't stop storing the datastore in the database, it also stores it in your cache of choice. Those things will always be in the database, memory caches can be volitlate, so it'd be silly not to be storing this stuff in the right place.

    You can likely change this line:
    in your my.cnf or add it to give it a higher timeout.

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  • Datastore: data still stored in datastore table, although config.php is set to xcache


    I've been getting nightly vBulletin Database Error emails every time the CPanel backup gets to the datastore table. The error message is:
    Invalid SQL:

    REPLACE INTO prefix_datastore

    (title, data, unserialize)


    ('loadcache', 'a:2:{s:7:\"loadavg\";s:5:\"26.24\";s:9:\"lastcheck\";i:1367448932;}', 1);

    MySQL Error : Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction

    Error Number : 1205

    Request Date : Wednesday, May 1st 2013 @ 06:55:32 PM

    Error Date : Wednesday, May 1st 2013 @ 07:12:35 PM

    Script : [URL=""][/URL=""]

    Referrer :

    IP Address :

    Username : Unregistered

    Classname : vB_Database

    MySQL Version :
    I did some reading up on the vB datastore and checked my own config.php. It is set to use XCache. However, the message above shows that my VB is still using the datastore table.

    I do not get any error messages from VB about XCache or datastore (other than above), so I assume config.php is configured correctly and XCache is installed properly and working. I also used XCache for vBOptimise and that was working fine (according to the VBOptimise test code). (Was, because I disabled vbOptimise when we started using CloudFlare.) I have checked the spelling, etc.

    Or are only some things moved to XCache and some stuff are still stored in the datastore table?

    I just checked the table in phpMyAdmin. It has a lot of other data there, like acpstats, activeblocks, adv_gallery_opt, attachementcache, options, etc. some of the values look recent to me.

    Is there a way for me to confirm whether VB is using XCache at all? Did I miss a setting somewhere? Was I suppose to flush the cache or something after changing the config.php?

    I'm going to change the config.php to use file cache and see what happens in the next 24 hours, but I would appreciate if someone can help with the above questions in the meantime.

    Just so I don't waste anyone's time, please do not ask me to increase the wait_timeout value for MySQL as my main question is: why is VB using the datastore table when its suppose to be using XCache? (I apologise if that sounds rude. Not my intention.)


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