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  • [Forum] ForumCache Rebuild

    I am on VB4 and I ran this command
    build_datastore('forumcache', serialize($vbulletin->forumcache));

    My server stopped working after this command and believe it may have crashed the hard drive. Should this have occurred? I have about 1.2 million posts and 400 forums on my site.

    I see the script running this command in VB4
    build_datastore('forumcache', serialize($vbulletin->forumcache), 1);

    Did I screw up on not including a 1 in the parameters?

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    This shouldn't have crashed the hard drive. The forumcache is rebuilt all the time as the system run and information is updated. What is the specific error that you received after running this?
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      there was [array_key] errors, so I disable the plugins and it came back with some sort of other foreach() error.

      When I accessed the Admin CP, it stated something abour not being able to add cookies to the header

      Found out the issue was a corrupted forumcache which made the database crash initially.

      We rebuilt the forumcache and resolved the issue.


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