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Migrating forum up one level to home directory

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  • [Forum] Migrating forum up one level to home directory

    We're currently replacing our old organization's website with a new design incorporating static html pages for the new site layout. We recently purchased and installed vBulletin in a sub directory to provide for a message board-only application. For validation and testing, we kept the original site online while creating everything for the new site in a sub directory called /new. The vBulletin forum is in the respective sub directory /new/forums/.

    We're now ready to switch to the new design. My question is should I move the entire forum directory up one level with all the other pages and directories or just leave it in the existing directory? If we did move it, would it be better to backup the boards, uninstall the forum package including the mySQL db from the host and then re-install everything from the ground up, or is there an easier way to migrate an existing forum install, maintaining the same db?

    Finally, is there a preferred backup method to insure that all forum settings, additional files and mods are maintained in the new install?

    As I write this out, it definitely seems easier to just keep everything in it's place but I do like the idea of a cleaner directory path.

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    When moving the forum within the same server, there really is no reason to do anything to the database. Just go to Settings -> Options -> Site Name / URL / Contact Details and adjust the Forum URL setting accordingly. Then, just simply move all the files out of the forum directory and into the root of your site. The only caveat to this is if you have attachments/customavatars or similar set to be stored in the file system with an absolute server path instead of a relative one., you'll have to find those settings and modify them.


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