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4.2.1 update problem

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  • Hartmut
    Please start a new thread with each of your problem. Please leave detailed error messages etc. in it.

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  • Maxtor_
    Hello, I have a problem. After the last update to the counting stopped working VB4.2.1 views enter the topic. Anyone know how to fix this? This is a global problem that occurs only on my forum?

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  • lgnd
    I have exactly the same problem and I'm unable to run the upgrade script.

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  • Adem GENÇ
    I found the problem
    These files are in the folder /install/ "--.htaccess" and "--.htpasswd" re-name ".htaccess" and ".htpasswd"
    Now doing the update


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  • Lynne
    What was your default tab set to - was it set to a user created navtab or one of the default vbulletin navtabs?

    (Guys, if you go to his upgrade.php script, it has a database error. He *cannot* run the upgrade script yet - it isn't that he isn't aware that he needs to do it.)

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  • Trevor Hannant
    There are two steps to upgrading:

    1. Uploading the files and
    2. Running the upgrade script

    You've only done point 1 - you haven't done point 2 as pointed out in posts 2, 4 and 6.

    Until you do this, you will continue to have this problem. So, login to AdminCP, close your forum then go to:

    Settings > Run Upgrade Script

    ...and follow any on screen prompts.

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  • Adem GENÇ
    Three times I uploded the files via FTP but
    Result See

    It errors below. (You can not see error details because you are not member of this site)
    [COLOR=#000000][COLOR=#0000BB]Database error in vBulletin 4.2.0[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]:[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#0000BB]Invalid SQL[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]:
            [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]SELECT [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]*
            [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]FROM navigation
            WHERE state [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]&  = [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]0
            ORDER BY navtype[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700], [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]displayorder[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700];[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#0000BB]MySQL Error   [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]: [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]You have an error in your SQL syntax[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]; [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]for [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]the right syntax to [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]use [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]near [/COLOR][COLOR=#DD0000]'= 0
            ORDER BY navtype, displayorder' [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]at line 3
    Error Number  [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]: [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]1064
    Request Date  [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]: [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]Thursday[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700], [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]April 18th 2013 [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]@ [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]05[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]:[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]26[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]:[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]15 AM
    Error Date    [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]: [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]Thursday[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700], [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]April 18th 2013 [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]@ [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]05[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]:[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]26[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]:[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]15 AM
    Script        [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]: [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]http[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]:[/COLOR][COLOR=#FF8000]//[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#0000BB]Referrer      [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]:[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#0000BB]IP Address    [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]: **********[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#0000BB]Username      [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]: [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]Adem GENÇ
    Classname     [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]: [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]vB_Database
    MySQL Version [/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]: [/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]5.0.91[/COLOR][COLOR=#007700]-[/COLOR][COLOR=#0000BB]log  [/COLOR][/COLOR]

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  • Wayne Luke
    You need to run the upgrade script so the database changes are made and that will make your forums operational. You're currently trying to use 4.2.1 files against a 4.2.0 database and that isn't going to work. Until you run the upgrade script, re-uploading the files will not fix anything.

    Upgrading has two stages as always...
    1) Upload files.
    2) Run install/upgrade.php

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  • Adem GENÇ
    There is no problem entering to AdminCP.
    Forum Home and "" error about database

    navigation table errors even though I renamed -navigation.
    It errors again even though I installed navigation table to database.
    There is not navigation table but it errors again.

    I just upload all files(4.2.1) via FTP.

    Note: I couldn't start updating yet.

    Forum does not work. Please, could you help me?

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  • AliMadkour
    You should run upgrade script after uploading files


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  • Adem GENÇ
    update did not do, Only files uploaded via FTP

    Note: Re-uploaded all the files again via FTP

    navigation tables exist

    (You can delete the other topic, I opened the wrong place)
    Last edited by Adem GENÇ; Thu 18 Apr '13, 6:04am.

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  • Trevor Hannant
    Looks like you haven't run the upgrade script or it didn't complete as the error states your database is still on 4.2.0.

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  • Adem GENÇ
    started a topic [Forum] 4.2.1 update problem

    4.2.1 update problem

    4.2.0 PL3 =>4.2.1 version upgrade problem

    Upgrade all files, and this problem

    What could be the problem?
    PHP Code:
    Database error in vBulletin 4.2.0:

    Invalid SQL:

    SELECT *
    FROM navigation
            WHERE state 
    &  = 0
            ORDER BY navtype

    MySQL Error   You have an error in your SQL syntaxcheck the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '= 0
            ORDER BY navtype, displayorder' 
    at line 3
    Error Number  
    Request Date  
    ThursdayApril 18th 2013 05:26:15 AM
    Error Date    
    ThursdayApril 18th 2013 05:26:15 AM
    Referrer      :
    IP Address    : **********
    Username      Adem GENÇ
    MySQL Version 
    existing in the tables "navigation"

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