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Facebook Like Link Not Working Properly

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  • Facebook Like Link Not Working Properly


    I am facing facebook like issue on my forum, when like button was hitted and it apears in facebook.........when the user clcik the link on facebook, user can not land on the same thread where we hit the like button.
    This is from last few days

    need your guide lines

    Sample Link when i click from [URL=" gregation_id=288381481237582"]facebook[/URL=" gregation_id=288381481237582"]

    salal Yusuf

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    The problem is for some reason in the HTML source of your forum the facebook open graph (og) tags are not being properly formed.

    When I view the source of you page I see-

    HTML Code:
    <meta property="" content="179267595440928" />
    <meta property="" content="Urdu Designer Forum| Urdu Poetry / Shayari | Islamic Art | Al-Quran & Hadith | Book Download | Gup Shup & more" />
    <meta property="" content="urdu poetry, shayari, art work, designed poetry, ghazals, poems, ashar, shairi, shair, the islam, islamic art, gupshup, desi chat, jobs, flash games, gushup, bollywood songs, torrents, softwares, free premium accounts, urduartist, urdu forum, designing forum, Free Online Courses, Tutorials, Computer Articles, Islamic Literature, Website Reviews, Download Free Software , E-Books, Islamic Books, PC Games, Mobile Apps, Themes, Game, General Knowledge, English Learning, Students Nots, Recipes, Poetry, treasures, Mobile, Ringing Tones, Video Clips, Online Jobs, Wallpaper, Arcade Games, Urdu Adab & Poetry, Photo Gallery, Sports, pakistani forum" />
    <meta property="" content="" />
    <meta property="" content="article" />
    <meta property="" content="" />
    Those blank property values should be things like og:site_name, og:url, og:image, etc...

    First try disabling hooks like here-

    Then view the source of a thread, see if it changes.

    If not try the default style see if that helps- To get the default style go to Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> Add New Style and create a new style with no parent style. This will be the default style.Then go to Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Style & Language Settings and give permission for users to change styles (if it was disabled) so you can change to the default style to test it.


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      Dear I tried

      Disabling hooks and result negative

      create new style also same in negative

      sample link with new style



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        This will get it working but won't fix the underlying issue-

        Edit your SHOWTHREAD template-

        FInd the line:

        <link rel="canonical" href="{vb:raw thread_url}" />
        Under it ADD the line

        <meta property="og:url" content="{vb:raw thread_url}" />
        And save the template.


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          As for the underlying issue, if you go to Admin CP -> Maintenance -> Diagnostics -> Suspect File Check, do you have files listed as having unexpected contents? If so consider uploading a fresh set of files.


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            Well i added the code,
            and checked by Diagnostics, a lot of file in different folders showed ( File not recognized as part of vBulletin )
            uploaded the updated files but issue remain same


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              please guide


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                By Diagnostic i found the result which is



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                  The Facebook Debugger shows you the <meta> tags in the body of your pages:


                  I see when viewing source you have this code in your ad_global_below_navbar template-

                  	<center><meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us">
                  The meta tag must be removed, it is not valid to have it outside the header of the site.


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                    After logging in I confirmed the issue was with a 3rd party modification. He had many modifications installed so I could not immediately tell which mod it was.

                    To troubleshoot this you must go to Admin CP -> Plugins & Products -> Product Manager and disable each modification one by one

                    After each time disabling a modification go to the Facebook Debugger-

                    And scan a thread URL each time.

                    When the errors change from what you see now (before disabling mods) you will know you found the mod that was causing the issue.

                    Look for the og:image to show up when you disabled the right mod, it will be the easiest way to tell in the debugger.

                    Finally once it has been fixed, Facebook caches pages it scans when "Liking" a thread, it wi will still take several days before liking a thread that was recently liked shows the correct URL (because the old one is cached) - So always try from a new page when testing.


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                      Bundle of thanks for your guidelines , its working perfectly
                      The problem was with the Plugin ( Limited Guest View) , since i removed it, now all ok

                      Best regards


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