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  • Can't view post after editing

    Hello. I just installed VB4 and migrated my users from other database. The problem I have is, when a registered user edits his/her own post, after editing no one can see theirs posts anymore except for admins and moderator. But the title of their thread is still view-able in forums page. I tried to approve their post/thread again but didn't work. Is there any way to fix this problem?

    Edit: I found the problem. On top of the post it says moderated, but when I approve the post/thread it stays moderated...
    Last edited by d1same; Fri 5th Apr '13, 1:06pm. Reason: found the problem, but not the solution.

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    So did you fix the issue?

    If you're still having it make sure you have updated all your templates (if you see any that need attention in the Admin CP you must update or revert them) - or otherwise try with the default style-

    To get the default style go to Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> Add New Style and create a new style with no parent style. This will be the default style.Then go to Admin CP -> Settings -> Options -> Style & Language Settings and give permission for users to change styles (if it was disabled) so you can change to the default style to test it.