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MySQL Database Errors Galore

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    Originally posted by snakes1100 View Post
    If thats the case & they cant/wont repair/recover the table via innodb recovery, then there is not much you can do. You can create a new db & import from a back, then copy over the new table, but you may have a issue as the current corrupt table, mysql/phpmyadmin isnt going to allow you to delete it, you'd have to ask your host to delete at the server level, its also possible that the table isnt corrupt & is simply owned by the wrong user on the system as well, there are many possibilities.

    Yeah there are a few things that it could be but it was working just fine before and out of no where with no changes made anywhere that we know of its all of a sudden gone into hiding. We will see if they can do the recovery or if they have tried it already and failed not really sure about that. Thanks for the help.


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