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  • [Answered] Attachment Storage type

    I'm thinking of changing my forum's attachment storage type from database to File System. I'm thinking about doing this because I notice that when I open the attachment manager I do not see the thumbnails of the previously attached photos. I've been told that is because of the storage type. So I'd like to change it to File system storage... if indeed that's why I don't see the actual thumbnails of previously uploaded images.

    My question is about the process.

    I see the help message that says "It should be above your web documents root or users will be able to bypass vBulletin's permissions system and download attachments anyway."
    I'm wondering if that means the directory should be above my htdocs directory or on the same level as my main forum directory. Also, would it would the same if I had the attachment directory on a separate domain altogether and what would be the pro's and cons of such a setup, if possible?

    thank you

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    It means above the public directory, so not in your forum root.

    Using another domain would require custom coding though.

    There's more details on moving attachments to the file system here:

    This expands on the information in the help files.

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    • TheLastSuperman
      TheLastSuperman commented
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      Simply touching base here on his question regarding pros/cons:

      - Pro is less stress on database IF storing in filesystem (which in turn means the database will not become huge due to storing attachments within).
      - Con is database becomes larger (so if your downloading as a backup, may take longer, if your host has a database size restriction in place you may need to store in filesystem).

    • Mark.B
      Mark.B commented
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      Thanks Michael.

      I will also add, storing in the file system always seems more "natural". That's not very scientific though.
      It also generally seems to be less prone to problems, at least in my experience.

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    Thanks Mark.

    So above my htdocs directory... cool. I'll try the change on my test board first, just in case I screw up.


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      Yep best way. Always try on test sites first, so that if (like me) you always break things first time, it doesn't matter.

      TalkNewsUK - My vBulletin 5.6.4 Demo
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        Also... will this fix why I do not see the thumbnails when opening the attachment manager and only see a box with a ? in it?


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