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  • [Forum] 502 Bad Gateway error

    Hi all. About a month ago my site managed to crash the VPS we were on and I had to move to a new server. For once I paid someone on here to transfer and optimize the site. As far as I understand, we went from an Apache-based vbulletin install to one running off of nginx, but Apache is also running on the new server.

    This was a month ago, and for the month the site has been running fine. Then yesterday I had nearly two hours of downtime across the entire site, with a 502 Bad Gateway error from nginx. Today at roughly the same time, it appears to be happening again. I haven't made any changes to the site, but our traffic has been a bit higher in the past couple weeks. I'm on vbulletin 4.1.4 CMS Suite with several modifications installed (several from DB-Tech, plus DownloadsII plus vbSEO plus vaultwiki for the heavy hitters).

    So now I have to ask for advice, how can I track down and eliminate the source of this problem? I'd like to not have daily downtime if these keeps up. I'm really new to using nginx so I don't know how to handle these errors yet.

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    Check your error logs and speak to the host with regards to this - they should be able to help track down and fix this
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      502 bad gateway errors are common with nginx setups, usually it's php in nginx that's throwing the error as php is overloaded or incorrectly configured. You'd need to tune your nginx php configuration most likely. Best place to ask for nginx help would be at
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        I just have this as I'm moving servers, leaving Apache for Nginx.

        I got this error when I tried to login to the AdminCP & CSS didn't load.

        I tried to see if curl can connect locally (curl -I and I got this error message:

        curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer
        I fixed it by adding 2 variables for every PHP config in nginx conf files:

        server {
            location ~ \.php$ {
                fastcgi_buffers                8    16k;
                fastcgi_buffer_size            32k;

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          Thanks! My server host guy did something and the errors went away today (day 4), but I'll keep this in mind as I'm gonna be moving servers pretty soon anyways.


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            I am facing HTTP Error 502.3 - Bad Gateway error only on IE (8 and 9). Please see the image bellow.

            When I browse forum having Arabic letters in URL then this error occurs. I dont know either it is hosting error or in vBullein installation.
            This is my forum:


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