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Search Index Nightmare - Search Results are Minimal - When There Should be Many

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  • Trevor Hannant
    Also check how manysearch results you have it set to return:

    AdminCP > Settings > Options > Message Searching Options > Maximum Search Results to Return

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  • bszopi
    What is your post viewing timeframe set for? If you only have it set to show the last 2 weeks (or similar) of posts, then I'm pretty sure that's all its going to search through. I would also recommend rebuilding the search index, even though you think its the exact opposite of what you are wanting.

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  • Lynne
    Did you run Rebuild Search Index after you did your initial migration? It sounds like you did not and that is why no old posts are showing up in search.

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  • tChristine

    I've waited a couple weeks, so I'm bumping this =/

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  • Search Index Nightmare - Search Results are Minimal - When There Should be Many


    I'm having major issues with Search - both Regular and Advanced. Any help, greatly appreciated.

    Here's the lowdown:

    We have about 30,000+ Posts.

    All Usergroups can Search by Regular and Boolean expression.

    I checked ACP > (all) Message Searching Options - and the settings look okay.

    Problem 1:

    I can type very unique keywords into Search, which should garner at least a few hundred results.

    But, only a handful of results are generated. [??]

    Problem 2:

    If I try to search for Posts - prior to my VB migration (before May, 2011) - absolutely no search results are generated.


    I thought about using Maintenance > Rebuild Search Index.

    However, in that section it says to use it:

    "if items are showing in search results after they have been permanently deleted then emptying the index and rebuilding the search index will fix this."
    And that ^ is the exact opposite of the problem I'm having.

    I'm not having a problem with deleted results appearing.

    I'm having issues with non-deleted / current active items not appearing.

    Thanks so much,

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