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Blog Background Color & Edit Post Problems

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  • [Forum] Blog Background Color & Edit Post Problems

    For some reason the background on the "Recent Blog Posts" view (screenshot below) is not showing up as white. The outside .GIF image is covering the entire background. Could someone point me to the template where I could fix this? I have been looking and just can't quite figure it out.

    Click image for larger version

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    The area in the middle should be white rather than having the stripped pattern. Link to the page here.

    Additionally, when I upgraded to version 4.1.4, the Edit Post button stopped working (in all areas of the forum). It acts as if you can edit, but nothing happens. You have to "Go Advanced" for any edits to stick. Any ideas on this one?
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    Having the same issue here now. I've look through all the style settings but dont see a background setting for the blogs page?


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      any solution ?


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        No. I finally ditched the whole style. Every vBulletin update that came out resulted in me having to track down issues related to the style (i.e. the custom style was not working well with the updates). I finally ditched the style for something that won't break as easily and is more widely supported.


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